Secondary education

International Baccalaureate Intermediate Years Programme

In secondary school, although not part of the official curriculum, students continue to work various disciplines, we think essential for the harmonious and integral personal development. That´s why we continue to dedicate three weekly modules to cultural-sports activities, and we offer compulsory classes in: Singing, Digital and Product Design and Communication and Textual interpretation.

alumnos secundaria colegio

Students aged between 11 and 16 follow the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme learning framework (PAI). It is a flexible programme able to address national requirements but proposes a rigorous and innovative methodology. Throughout the PAI years, students will not only be able to learn contents within a global context, but the programme goes much further, and our students will have to:

– Develop certain skills (Learning approaches) that they will not only use during their school life, but also in the future.

– Carry out collaborations and service activities: Students detect needs in their surroundings and start community service actions.

– Develop a Personal Project: All students, in the final year of the programme will carry out a project which they will implement and be evaluated on their skills of self-management, research, communication, critical and creative thinking and collaboration.

In order to achieve all this, the students will work on the contents through investigations related to real contexts in a collaborative way and with a specific purpose.

A feature of the programme is that, issues, problems and achievements are encouraged to be carefully considered and reflected on.

PAI classrooms will be dynamic learning environments where students will work in groups or individually according to their needs and requirements of the enquiry being carried out.

With all this, our students will achieve an attitude of learning beyond the classroom and an attitude of learning throughout their lives.