Music is one of the main pillars at Obradoiro School.

In addition to teaching music, afore-mentioned in our Educational Project section, we offer our students a further possibility: take what we call “Pre-conservatory” and after that OFFICIAL MUSIC STUDIES (conservatory) to obtain both, Elementary and Professional degrees.

Recent scientific studies claim that music, stimulates our brain and influences the development of intelligence, especially at an early age.

These classes are scheduled for 1st & 2nd graders of primary school, at two levels, as guidance and preparation for further entry into the Music Conservatory.

At these ages we aim to bring students closer to music by:

· Games, as base for the development of the sense of rhythm.
· Vocal Education.
· Group instrumental practice, with a variety of Orff percussion instruments.
· Small concerts, with all the instruments that we teach, performed by students and teachers of the Conservatory of Music .

In these studies, students join specialiced music teaching and we intend that:

· They are formed musically, developing their vocal, rhythmic, psychomotor, auditory and expressive abilities.
· They learn musical language, achieving a basic reading and writing domain for any instrumentalist.
· They develop the necessary skills to handle and perform with their instrument…

Classes are taught in elementary and professional levels for the following instruments: clarinet, double bass, bassoon, transverse flute, bagpipes, guitar, electric guitar, piano, percussion, saxophone, trombone, horn, trumpet, tuba, viola, violin and cello.

Our conservatory is affiliated to the State Conservatory of A Coruña.