Obradoiro School Linguistic Project proposes a solid and effective project for our students to be bilingual and obtain official qualifications.

We educate in the world and for the world, for that reason, sound command of languages is a pillar in our educational project.

Our school is a refence for a considerable number of international students. Currently, about 10% of our families are international. We have students from the United States, the Caribbean, Latin America, Australia, Europe and Asia.

We are committed to an international education enriched with experiences abroad. We offer different study programmes in Canada, Ireland and United Kingdom ranging from two weeks to a full year.

  Oxford Test of English Official Examination Centre: Oxford University official exam.

We dedicate the following number of teaching hours to ENGLISH CLASSES, taught by qualified teachers in Spain, who have completed their studies of secondary school or postgraduate studies in Britain or English- speaking countries:

INFANT EDUCATION: 50% of school timetable.
PRIMARY SCHOOL: First years 50% of school timetable and last years in primary, 8 modules per week.
BACCAURALEATE: 4-5 weekly modules.

We must remember that English is one of the subjects in which groups are unfolded, and by this, there is more student participation and therefore each of them is able to speak more English. In addition, English is our second teaching language (Lingua Franca) in which the following subjects are taught:

Natural Science (BSCS SCIENCE) 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th, 6th year of primary.
Robotics-Technology 3rd year of mandatory secondary school.
Natural Science-Biology 1st & 3rd year of mandatory secondary school.
Physics & Chemistry 2nd & 4th year of mandatory school.
Business Management 1st & 2nd year of International Baccalaureate.

We begin the study of French in 5th grade of Primary Education. It is a compulsory subject for all our students. French is also compulsory in all courses of Compulsory Secondary Education and is offered as an optional subject choice in the baccalaureate.

These languages are offered as an extracurricular activity in non-teaching hours, in groups of 10 students,